When Life seems Hard — The Teacup story

Such a wonderful and timely message. Thank you.

Life Lessons

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

In life we will all face trials and tribultions. My response to the above quote was “Make me stronger for what? So I can deal with something worse? No thank you. I’m having a hard enough time dealing with this.” Anyone else feel this way? Well several years ago I came across the story of “The Teacup.” No, it didn’t make the trials any easier but it does offer a perspective on them. No matter what your religious affiliation, I think you can appreciate this story.

Teacup Story

There was a couple who took a trip to England to shop in a beautiful antique store to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They both liked antiques and pottery, and especially teacups. Spotting an exceptional cup, they asked “May we see that? We’ve never seen a cup quite so beautiful.”

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